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Founding Elders

The Heartbeat of COOEE  

Past, Present and Future.

  A lifetime of working and making a difference for community,  the giving, the sacrifices, the heartache, the lending hand, the caring heart, the compassion, the strong shoulders that carry the struggles.

Being the strong voice for the silent who are not being listened to, the beating hearts bringing cultural responsibility, integrity and respect into the lives of those you worked with and comforted each and everyday.

Being silent and listening, teaching what is right, speaking up for another who is being wronged or disrespected. 

It's about acknowledging and honouring our beautiful ancestors who have walked before us to pave the way for a better tomorrow, it's about remembering them and what they taught you, so we can teach the next generations.  We acknowledge and say thank you to all the Elders who have mentored, loved, cared and fought hard for a brighter tomorrow - your footprints are leading the way - Written by Margie Kennedy 2017


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