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                              COOEE Motto
Every day is a new beginning to make a difference

Cultural Leadership

COOEE advocates and educates providing 
appropriate cultural support within community
Our Vision
To be one of the leading holistic education and well-being centres for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 


Our Purpose

Our Purpose of  COOEE Indigenous Family and Community Education Centre is focused around  a holistic integrated approach;  to work with the Indigenous community and stakeholders to address areas that contribute to the inability of the families and children to engage successfully in life and to access appropriate life skills, educational pathways and opportunities.

COOEE was founded upon the important role of Elders as the core source that operates on the key principles of respect and the enhancement of self-reliance and quality living through education which honours our languages, cultural traditions, practices and knowledge systems, locally, nationally and internationally.

Who are we?

COOEE is a not for profit Indigenous community based, community response initiative developed by Elders to address the education and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and families in Redland City including the Bay Islands tracking through to Wynnum and surrounding areas.

COOEE INDIGENOUS FAMILY AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTRE is founded upon the principals of community empowerment, partnerships and the development of pathways and programs to address the education and life skills needs and well-being of Indigenous families and young people.

A fundamental committment of COOEE is to engage the skills and abilities of parents, community members and strategically aligned partnerships to identify and address social issues that impact on the education, socialisation and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and families.



COOEE Brochure

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