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COOEE Programs and Workshops


The programs primarily aims to address high risk factors in order to break the cycle of dysfunction involving Indigenous families; to enhance a greater quality of life for both the parents and the children and to prevent and divert young people from becoming entrenched in the juvenile justice system. Through extensive networking and an integrated service approach, COOEE provides support to Indigenous young people and their families experience difficulty in the education system. juvenile justice system, child safety related issues, illicit substance misuse, domestic violence, family conflict, personal development, cultural identity and basic life skills.

COOEE works towards providing a supportive environment which encourages participants to resolve behavioral problems and to develop practical ways of coping with stress related issues that may be affecting their lives. In doing so assists young people to enhance their self-esteem, self-efficacy, resilience and cultural identity.

The Elders assist in the development and delivery of appropriate programs based on cultural and community engagement with parents and community representatives encouraged to participate where appropriate in the activities of the service.

The range of services and programs will provide a positive and culturally supportive and culturally safe environment that works towards positive life changes and generates a greater quality of life.

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