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COOEE Elders Supporting Community Indigenous Education Programs and/or Groups

Gawamga Jina Indigenous Careers Academy 2017

Career Trackers Alumni Program (Pilot school - Capalaba State College)

As stated in the Gawamga Jina presentation (The Right Track Indigenous Careers Academy)

'Just like our ancestors who taught us about the importance of relationships with our environments and each other to survive, we too must continue to build resilience in our young people through relationships and opportunities to keep them on Gawamga Jina, the Right Track' (Gawamga Jina 2017) - Pilot School Capalaba State College.


 Working together for a better tomorrow

Bangarra Rekindling Youth Program 

South East Region performances at Creative Generations State Schools on Stage 2014 - 2017 

JAJARI JIMBALJIN Women's Group - 'Women empowering Women'
Yulu-Burri-Ba Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health
The Women's Group meets at COOEE Indigenous Centre every Tuesday
10am until approximately 2:00pm
Contact Yulu- Burri - Ba or COOEE for further information.
Broncos - Beyond the Broncos Indigenous Girls Academy
Helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to achieve their full potential, from Years 7 – 12 and into young adulthood. Girls enrolled in the program will learn to value education, to value themselves and to value their impact as positive role models (Broncos Indigenous Programs 2017).
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